Corpse Pose - “Almost No Memory” [Ride The Snake LP]

CP02. 17 April 2014.

Shed wounded skin / Become deathless

Corpse Pose. Ride The Snake. 05. Let You Down.


Entering final mixing / design stages of the 2nd Corpse Pose LP, entitled Ride The Snake. It will be available sooner than even we first imagined. New site soon, too.

Thank you.

I used to believe in everything, till I made it here to nowhere.


Our long time friend and early supporter Martin de Pedro surprised us with his video interpretation of our track “Architecture IV” from the EP Architectures I-IV.

See more of Martin’s work at

And to learn more about Martin from our perspective, stay tuned. 
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"I’ll fuck you till you love me, faggot." - poet M. Tyson

Baby Vampire Cape - “Whoremone Beard”

We’re proud friends with these people.

Two limited edition screen printed t-shirt styles are now available via the Corpse Pose merch store. Both designs feature illustrations by Electric Witchery, created for the debut LP Each Prisoner Like a Cup of Light. The store also features the CD version of the album for purchase, with cassette tapes, stickers, buttons, posters, and much more coming soon.

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New future visions by Electric Witchery.

Corpse Pose - Throne of the Third Heaven

Track 02 from the debut LP Each Prisoner Like a Cup of Light available now here and there (and also here).

The future belongs to the lo-fi/no budget loyalists.

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The Men Who Haunt Death’s Dreams


Illustration by Electric Witchery.
P.S. Origin of title.